5 Tips for Hiring the Right Sales Reps Without Getting "Sold"

No matter how many times you say it, it's still true. Hiring the right sales reps for your team is critical to your success.

This is especially true for small and new companies where every individual's success or failure can have an immediate and direct affect on the company's trajectory. You obviously want the best performers who will be the best at selling your product to your target market.

How do you make sure you hire them, and not someone who happens to excel at landing job offers?

We talked with Jordan Wan, CEO of CloserIQ, and he gave us some great advice for finding the right sales reps. Jordan is his team help sales reps discover the best career opportunities with early-stage VC-backed startups.

1) Don't spend too much time on phone screenings

Phone screenings are an important step in any hiring process. And sales professionals need to be able to present themselves extremely well over the phone, maybe more than anyone. Quickly building rapport over the phone is a core skill for the job. But there's only so much you can learn about a candidate on the phone, so keep this part of the process short. Get a sense of whether the person is in the ballpark of what you're looking for and move on.

2) Clearly identify your needs and define the role

Look around at the team you have. What's missing? Identifying the gaps you need to fill, and clearly defining the role that will fill them might be two of the most important steps you can take before hiring someone. If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, how will you know when you've found it?

3) Act fast

Like it or not, the market for talent is very competitive, especially in high-growth areas like SaaS. Too many companies operate as if they are in an employer's market when the opposite is actually true. Talented sales people have a lot of options open to them when they're looking for a new role. If you have identified someone who can help your company, move quickly toward an offer or risk losing that person to a competitor.

4) Focus on the near term

You're hiring for an immediate need, so screen for and hire the skills that are going to be the most useful over the next 3-6 months. Don't get hung up on whether a candidate has what it takes to transition into a hypothetical role that might materialize in another year or two. Face those decisions if and when they come. For now, optimize for the KPIs this hire will be responsible for delivering on day one.

5) Weed out obvious red flags, but be wary of getting oversold

Candidates should be doing basic research on your company and market position and any shared connections. After all, you'll be expecting them to do exactly the same thing, many times over every day on the job. Don't hire candidates who ask basic questions that could be easily answered by Siri. On the other hand, some sales people can convince you (and themselves) that they're the right fit for a role when in fact they're not. Look out for feigned enthusiasm.

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