Why I Almost Quit Sales

Being in sales is exciting. But let’s face it — it can be tough with constant rejection and the pressure to hit quota. Sometimes it’s just too much, and we think about throwing in the towel.

If you’re anything like me and our guests, the thought of quitting sales has crossed your mind at least once. In this episode of Stories From the Sales Floor, Matt Heinz, Sally Duby, Donald Kelly, Peter Kazanjy and Tim Sanders recount times when they have struggled and wanted to quit. Thankfully for us, they stuck with it.

Hopefully, their stories have given you more courage, confidence, and poise to stick with it and proudly represent the profession of sales.

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Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing Inc.
Sally Duby, West Coast General Manager for The Bridge Group
Donald Kelly, Podcast Host of The Sales Evangelist
Peter Kazanjy, Founder of TalentBin, Founder of Modern Sales Pros Salon
Tim Sanders, Author of Dealstorming, Keynote speaker

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