What I Learned After Losing a Deal to My Competitor

One of the great minds of our generation, Ice-T, once said: “Winners have to absorb losses.” And that’s especially true for sales reps who watch competitors steal hard-earned deals.

So we asked Miles Austin, Mark Hunter, Jon Ferrara, Jill Rowley and Sean Sheppard to confess a time they had a deal ripped away at the last minute, and how it made them stronger sellers.

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Miles Austin, Sales speaker, author of FillTheFunnel.com
Jill Rowley, Keynote Speaker and Social Selling Evangelist
Mark Hunter, Author, High Profit Prospecting at The Sales Hunter
Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble, Founder of GoldMine CRM
Sean Sheppard, Founding Partner at GrowthX & Lead Instructor at GrowthX Academy
Joseph Vignolo is the Executive Producer

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