The Superhero I Most Relate To And Why

Are you impervious to rejection? Do you close deals faster than a speeding bullet? Do you have a utility belt filled with the latest sales enablement tools? Sounds like you’re a sales superhero!

This week, we asked our guests to reveal which superhero they relate to and why. Hear from David Brock, Nancy Bleeke, Deb Calvert, Mark Birch and more!

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David Brock, President and CEO at Partners In EXCELLENCE, Author of Sales Manager Survival Guide
Deb Calvert, President at People First Productivity Solutions
Mark Birch, Founder and Organizer at Enterprise Sales Meetup
Max Menke, Founding Partner at GrowthX
Mike Weinberg, Bestselling author of New Sales. Simplified. and Sales Management. Simplified
Nancy Bleeke, President and Chief Sales Officer at Sales Pro Insider
The Executive Producer is Joe Vignolo.


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