The Craziest Demand I’ve Ever Got From A Prospect

Some prospects find pleasure in making your life hell. Their demands can be crazy, but that’s how it goes (not-so-subtle Ozzy reference).

In this episode, we asked our guests – including Brian Burns, Marylou Tyler, Matt Heinz, and Mark Birch – about the most outrageous demands they’ve ever received from a potential customer.

Their stories made us lose a little faith in humanity.

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Brian Bruns, Author of Maverick Selling Method, The Brutal Truth about Sales & Selling Podcast
Marylou Tyler, Bestselling Author of Predictable Revenue, CEO at Strategic Pipeline
Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing Inc.
Mark Birch, Founder and Organizer at Enterprise Sales Meetup
Joseph Vignolo is the Executive Producer


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