6 thoughts on “The Best Books for Modern Sales Professionals and How to Read Them All in the Next 6 Months

  1. Great post, Brandon! I love this topic as I am an avid reader and I especially love your last section on how to “read,” (perhaps “consume” is a better word), 50+ books a year.

    It’s easy, fun and exhilarating!

    Here’s my three pronged approach to consuming 50 books this year.

    1. Read, read, and more reading…ok that’s obvious.

    2. Buy tons of books, but in different formats. I love how you have Audible listed. I’ve become a huge fan of Audible and another neat feature that Amazon has called Whispercast.

    Whispercast let’s you do a lot of things (it’s especially great for buying and distributing content to a group –students, colleagues, your team…whatever…

    But they also have this other neat feature that let’s you listen to a book on Audible and then pick up AT THE EXACT SAME SPOT on Kindle! Cool, right.

    So i’ll be reading a book, then have to hop in my car, and I’ll switch to the audible version while I’m driving. Cool thing about Audible is that you can increase the speed, which I do a little.

    3. Don’t finish the entire book —now I know that sounds weird, but I hardly ever finish AN ENTIRE BOOK FRONT TO BACK –there is NO NEED TO. Pick up the best points and move on. Mark the pages you might want to reference later and on to the next one!

    Great post man. Definitely some great titles in there that have for sure have on my bookshelf and desk.

  2. Brandon – great suggestions along with actionable advice on how to find the time. This post ties into one of my favorite interview questions: “What book are you reading right now and why did you pick it?”… It doesn’t have to be a sales book, but reading means you are trying to learn on your own at an accelerated pace and is always a good sign when hiring sales ppl.

  3. I love asking that question too, Ray! Lately, I’ve been finding that people are preparing scripted answers for that question. It helps that I’ve read a lot so I can dig deeper and tell if they’re BSing or not. But yes, it’s always a good sign when candidates are proactively learning.

  4. Brandon, thanks for pointing me to the list. It’s one of the most comprehensive lists I’ve seen. Moreover, I’m very flattered that you’ve added Sales Manager Survival Guide to the list. Thank you very much!

  5. Thank YOU, Dave, for writing such a killer book! I truly believe every sales manager should read it, as it will become a reference guide they can use for their entire career.

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