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It’s been about three months since my co-host, Ben Sardella, and I started the Stories From the Sales Floor podcast. We’ve had a blast, and there’s plenty more to come. There have been many unforgettable stories from today’s sales thought leaders and front-line practitioners, and we’ve drawn some invaluable lessons along the way.

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Episode 13: “Why I Almost Quit Sales”

Being in sales is exciting. But let’s face it — it can be a real kick in the teeth sometimes. If you’re anything like us, the thought of quitting has crossed your mind at least once. In this episode, Matt Heinz, Peter Kazanjy, Sally Duby, Donald Kelly and Tim Sanders recount times when they struggled and wanted to throw in the towel.

Episode 12: “My Most Embarrassing Sales Story” [Explicit]

We were left blushing and slightly uncomfortable after pressing the “publish” button for this episode. Let me explain: this time, we revisited one of our more popular questions and asked our guests Garth Moulton, Mark Hunter, and J. Ryan Williams to reveal their most embarrassing sales stories.

Episode 11: “How I Got My Start In Sales”

Even sales superheroes like Jeb Blount, J. Ryan Williams, Jon Ferrara, Jill Rowley and Sean Sheppard had to learn to crawl before they could walk. So this time, we asked our guests to recall and recount how they started in sales. From paper routes and cookies to selling weapons to kids, the stories did not disappoint!

Episode 10: “Using My Sales Skills Outside of Work”

“With great power comes great responsibility.” If it’s true for Spider-Man, it’s true for our guests this week. We asked Steli Efti, Mike Cabot, Lars Nilsson and Ryan Leavitt about using their superior sales skills outside of work. From disputes with the government to negotiations with wedding vendors, our guests’ stories offer a glimpse into the minds and everyday lives of sales greatness.

Episode 9: “Outtakes”

In this shorter show, we wanted to illustrate just how hard it is to record an episode before you’ve had your first cup of coffee. On this unluckiest of days (we published on Friday the 13th; listen at your own risk), we offer a quick clip of “Outtakes from the sales floor.”

Episode 8: “Obstacles That Impacted My Ability to Sell”

We all hit roadblocks in life, both personally and professionally. So this time, we asked our guests to reveal the obstacles that threw them for a loop and affected their ability to sell. From accounting scandals to dating the wrong person, the stories from sales pros like Saad Shahzad, Craig Elias, Brian Birkett, Jon Ferrara and Steli Efti are sure to entertain.

Episode 7: “What I Learned Loosing to My Competitor”

One of the great minds of our generation, Ice-T, once said: “Winners have to absorb losses.” And that’s especially true for sales reps who watch competitors steal hard-earned deals. So we asked Miles Austin, Mark Hunter, Jon Ferrara, Jill Rowley and Sean Sheppard to confess a time they had a deal ripped away at the last minute, and how it made them stronger sellers.

Episode 6: “My Big, Bold Predictions for the Future of Sales”

In this show, we asked our guests to look forward in time and tell us what they think the future of sales has in store. You’re not going to want to miss the answers from prophets of profit like Mark Hunter, Saad Shahzad, Steve McKenzie, Craig Elias, Max Altschuler and Phil Keene.

Episode 5: “What Pisses Me Off About Sales”

This question really got our guests fired up. Everyone has a pet peeve that, if triggered, reveals a different side. From sales rep’s attitudes to sales technology, you’re not going to want to miss our answers from Steli Efti, Sean Sheppard, Heather Morgan & Mark Hunter.

Episode 4: “My Most Embarrassing Sales Story”

We’ve all been there: the ill-placed coffee stains, the foot-in-mouth moments. If you’re in sales long enough, it’s bound to happen to you. You won’t believe the stories Jill Rowley, Peter Gracey, Kyle York and John Barrows shared with us.

Episode 3: “Advice For My Younger Self”

If only we knew back then what we know now, we could have closed that deal, made that promotion or avoided that rejection. Some of the best and brightest in the sales world look back and offer some invaluable advice that we can all learn from hearing. Class is in session, and today’s instructors are Juliana Crispo, John Barrows, Kype York, Andy Paul, and Jill Rowley.

Episode 2: “The Most Ridiculous Objection From A Prospect”

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, a prospect throws an objection you didn’t see coming. They continue to amaze us with the absurd reasons why they won’t buy. Sometimes, the past comes back to haunt you, yet other times political and military tensions (i.e., war) get in the way. Andy Paul, Juliana Crispo, Miles Austin, and Peter Gracey walk us through how they handled the situation.

Episode 1: “How I Closed the Biggest Deal of My Career”

We all have that deal that was so big, we’ll never forget it. From closing eight-figure deals to landing prized accounts to moving mountains for clients, these stories are sure to inspire. And you might learn a thing or two along the way. In this show, we hear how Andy Paul, Kyle York, Juliana Crispo, Saad Shahzad, John Barrows and Peter Gracey hunted and caught their whales.

Episode 0: “Why We’re Doing This”

If you want to hear a little behind the scenes action, listen in to Ben and me as we chat about why we decided to launch this podcast and what our vision is for it.

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