10 Steps to Hiring the Right Reps and Building an Unstoppable Sales Force


Why I Almost Quit Sales

Being in sales is exciting. But let's face it -- it can be tough with constant rejection and the pressure to hit quota. Sometimes it's just too much, and we think about throwing in the towel.

My Most Embarrassing Sales Story (Part 2)

Brandon and Ben here - blushing and more-than-slightly uncomfortable after listening to the latest Stories from the Sales Floor podcast.

5 Ways Sales Reps Can Build Trust Faster [+Templates]

The Critical Element in Sales

Look at the top salespeople at any company and what you’ll find is that they all have one train in common. Despite what you may believe, the best salespeople are not all extroverts; they’re not all highly competitive with a cutthroat, do-anything-to-win mentality; they can’t sell anything to anyone...

How I Got My Start in Sales

Even sales superheroes had to learn to crawl before they could walk. From paper routes and cookies to selling weapons to kids, there are many doors into sales.

How I Used My Sales Skills Outside of Work

"With great power comes great responsibility." If it's true for Spider-Man, it's true for our guests this week.

Top 10 Podcasts Every Salesperson Needs to be Listening To

Podcasts are a great way for busy salespeople to squeeze in a little more into their day. I can’t count how many top sales pros I know who are constantly on the lookout for the latest beat on sales.

What I Learned After Losing a Deal to My Competitor

One of the great minds of our generation, Ice-T, once said: "Winners have to absorb losses." And that's especially true for sales reps who watch competitors steal hard-earned deals.

The Account Based Sales Development Playbook for Revenue-Driven Teams

In the Spring of 2011, Aaron Ross started a movement that would forever change the way we sell. After Predictable Revenue hit the shelves, traditional cold calling began to die and Cold Calling 2.0 was born. Now, after nearly five years of generating pipeline with “spears, nets, and seeds” the magic is wearing off.

Big, Bold Predictions for the Future of Sales

It's time to get out your crystal ball. Today, we asked our guests to look forward in time and give us their "Big, bold predictions for the future of sales."