My Most Memorable Offsite

What happens at sales off-sites stay at sales off-sites… until today!

Whether it’s an SKO, a sales conference or a standard off-site, it’s pretty much guaranteed that hilarity will ensue, ensuring that you’ll never forget the event.

Perhaps Steve Ballmer was there handing out high fives and chugging honey. Or maybe drinks were had, and cops were called.

We asked our guests – including Rob Jeppsen, Sally Duby, and Ray Carroll – about their most memorable off-site adventures.

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Rob Jeppsen, Founder
Jordan Wan, CEO of CloserIQ
Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing Inc.
Sally Duby, West Coast General Manager for The Bridge Group
Ray Carroll, VP of Sales at Engagio
Greg McBeth, VP of Sales at CrunchBase
The Executive Producer is Joe Vignolo

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