10 thoughts on “How Sales Automation is Different than Marketing Automation

  1. “Sales and marketing . . . go hand in hand but are increasingly difficult to distinguish from one another.”

    Are you serious? The last thing most marketing & sale operations do is work “hand in hand”. Marketing & sales alignment is one of the greatest challenges we face — it’s a problem that’s been with us forever and doesn’t really show signs of abating.

    Just saying . . .


  2. Thanks for the thoughts on this Brian. Yes, it is a challenge that we face, but the point I wanted to make was it shouldn’t be that way. Fortunately, we’re starting to see the gap between the two narrow, especially in smaller companies. In smaller startups, a growth team can have both sales and marketing people on it. However, I don’t see this happening any time soon in corporate America.

  3. Thanks for posting. Perhaps in startups and smaller companies, it’s easier to align sales and marketing with their work and cooperation. It’s true that marketing automation is more of a tool that reaches out to the masses, though we have our sales people work with it too. We’re currently using GetResponse for marketing automation.

  4. Great information shared, there is really a big difference in Marketing and sales automation also with their workflow, As a reader, I was more inclined towards Sales Automation as it is all about the customer and its satisfaction. Technology part was will be my favourite for Sales automation as you mentioned that wrong technology can definitely lead to mistakes. Let me share a link for sales automation with AI and four secrets to make exponential business growth https://www.tagove.com/sales-automation/ .

  5. Whether you’re on the marketing or sales team, your goals are the same: more high-quality leads, more sales, and ultimately more growth. If you make an effort to work together, you’ll reach those goals much faster. Visit our site for more marketing automation tools.

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