6 thoughts on “A 5-Step Formula for Sending Highly Personalized Sales Emails at Scale

  1. Yo, Brandon.
    Great article on upping the personalization game. We use Persist on a weekly basis, so definitely something we can add to our toolkit. Thank for the ideas!

  2. Interesting post Brandon.

    Your email will certainly look personalised to the recipient. But at what point does it become easier just to send a personal (though still tracked) one-to-one email based on a template or draft? I’m thinking you’ll have to do some fairly strenuous mental gymnastics to remember how to write each snippet. Wouldn’t it be easier to just populate a template as you research? Especially as things like {blogPostTitle} might not actually read that well when copied verbatim.

    Looking forward to next week’s article.

  3. The beauty of PersistIQ is that it allows you to see how the snippet looks when it’s filled in. You can see exactly how it will look to the recipient, then you can edit it on the fly before you send. That’s the benefit of a semi automated system. All the tedious manual tasks are done for you (mail merge, duplicate detection, follow up, reply detection, etc.), then your left to add the last bit of personalization.

  4. How do you effectively personalize emails when your prospects don’t actively engage online or on linkedin? For example, finance users rarely have much on their linkedin and will certainly not have a blog.

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