Product Update: Scripts and Descriptions

Meet the newest enhancement to working with call and task steps; introducing scripts & descriptions!

Your PersistIQ campaigns are created using a series of steps. Make your campaigns dynamic by adding different step types: emails, calls, and tasks. These step types make your process more effective by incorporating multi-channel communication. With this update, you can add more depth to completing calls and tasks with additional information, and have consistent execution across your team.

Here’s more about what that looks like…

Call Scripts:

Scripts can now be added to your call steps. On top of naming your call, inserting a script will make it easy for you to understand what you need to accomplish during that conversation. Avoid generic cold calls by making scripts specific to campaigns, people, and more. You can even add variables to your script, ensuring each call is personalized based on who you’re calling. Scripts can also be used by sales teams to keep communication consistent.  


Task Descriptions:

Adding tasks to your workflow gives you the freedom to design your own touch points, such as connections on LinkedIn or sending hand-written notes. With descriptions, you’re able to organize all of the information you need within the task step itself. Easily understand the context and execute efficiently.



To add scripts and descriptions to your workflow…

  1. Add a Call or Task step to your campaign
  2. Add a Script or Description by clicking on the step once campaign is created (remember, you can use all your variables in this area)

With that, you’re ready to add scripts and descriptions to your process! We can’t wait to see what you come up with, and let us know how we can help.


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