Product Update : Campaign Folders

Last week, PersistIQ introduced you to Campaign Filters. After the positive feedback we’ve received, we’re confident you’ll enjoy this update as well: Campaign Folders!


Campaign Folders allow you to organize your campaigns. By default, PersistIQ users have one folder titled “All” that lists every campaign you own. From there, create your own folders and move your campaigns accordingly. How will this help you? Sorting your campaigns in folders will clean up your workflow, making finding what you’re looking for simple.

screen-recording-2016-11-10-at-04-47-pm screen-recording-2016-11-10-at-04-48-pm

For example, we’ve added folders to separate Outbound and Inbound campaigns. Get even more specific by factoring in things like persona/title, level of personalization, and more. Some mock folders to reference could be “Outbound – VPs” or “Inbound – Tech Companies”. Don’t forget that you can layer on a campaign filter to further refine your search.

The example displayed below was motivated by sales reps focusing on both earning new business, as well as upsell/crossell. Watch how campaign filters and folders allow you to efficiently see which customer campaigns are ready to launch.


With that, your Campaign Folders are waiting to be created. Add your own, start using them, and let us know what you think. Making PersistIQ the best it can be is an exciting process, and we appreciate the time you take to be a part of that!


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