Product Update: Campaign Filters

We’re excited to announce our latest product enhancement: Campaign Filters!

Before you meet the new feature, let’s focus on how it’ll impact your process. Campaigns are a core part of PersistIQ because they allow you to create structured workflows consisting of emails, calls, tasks, etc. We’ve come to see that most great salespeople do a lot of experimenting with their campaigns to identify what yields the best results. This process often leads to creating quite a few campaigns, so today’s introduction of Campaign Filters will help you manage them in a way that optimizes your workflow. Here’s how:

Campaign Filters allow you to quickly view only the campaigns you want based on status. By default, PersistIQ will apply the Due filter so you only see the campaigns that require your attention. This will ensure you see what you need to do each day as soon as you login, then you can choose to apply different filters from there. You’ll also notice that the criteria you have filtered by is represented with tags above the campaigns.



To outline some scenarios, let’s say you want to manage your active campaigns, and make some adjustments to upcoming emails so they’re ready to go when they’re due. Easily find them by hopping into your Active Leads filter, rather than sifting through all of your campaigns. Or, maybe you have an upcoming vacation and decide to pause communication to your prospects until you return. Filtering by Active Leads will show you which campaigns are actively running so you can pause them. Then when you get back, jumping to your Paused filter will show you what needs to be resumed. We know efficiency is critical to your process, and these filters will make finding what you’re looking for a breeze.



Campaign Filters are here…try them out and let us know what you think! Your feedback is always appreciated, so send it our way.

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